My work in the realm of contemporary art spans over a wide range of mediums and style that are to say A LOT about myself. I am inspired by the stress of social normalities that I face on a day-to-day basis and this concept of “growing up”, which I represent through figures, facial expressions, and their interactions with architecture and design elements. I enjoy distorted ideas of form, scale, and placement within my work as well as witty comments or phrases. It’s all a lot of stuff that sometimes makes people laugh or feel uncomfortable...

    Painting, collaging, or taking photos are how I continue to make art in order to stay involved with myself. It’s really easy to get wrapped up in this quickly changing world we live in, and lose whatever the definition of “self” means to us. I am always trying to push the boundaries of my work, and its underlying message to viewers and hopefully chip away at what makes me, me.

“You cant tag me as one thing or another, you can’t tag anyone as a painter, or a photographer. We are just artists.”- Ed Templeton (Beautiful Losers)